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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 16 Nov 1961

Vol. 192 No. 3

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Dublin Housing Sites: Price Dispute.


asked the Minister for Local Government if he is aware that a disagreement between the Dublin Airport authorities and Dublin County Council is delaying the building of cottages for families now living in very bad housing conditions in that area; and if, as the dispute concerns the price of housing sites, he will direct building work to proceed while the dispute is being resolved.

I am informed that Dublin County Council is considering the rehousing of two families from houses which may eventually be demolished in connection with the extension of Dublin Airport and one of which is considered by the council to be unfit for human habitation. I have not, however, received any proposal in the matter from the housing authority. I have no power to give a direction on the lines suggested by the Deputy, over-riding the requirement that the Council should have clear title to land proposed to be used for housing.

In view of the fact that this is a very bad case of a dire need for housing—and I am sure that if the Minister were to see the habitation himself, he would agree, as any man would agree, that that is the case —in view of the fact that there is agreement as to the desirability of housing these two families between the council and the Airport authorities; and in view of the fact that the only thing holding up that building is an academic question — what Dublin County Council is to pay the Airport authorities for the land—there surely should not be this hold up. If the Minister has not the power to direct, will he not suggest, in the interests of humanity, that these officials might hurry up and get this matter finished instead of playing at civil servants or whatever they are playing at in the meantime——

That is a very long question.

——and holding up the housing of these people?

I shall be glad to do as the Deputy suggests.

Thank you.