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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 16 Nov 1961

Vol. 192 No. 3

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Implementation of Local Authorities (Works) Acts.


asked the Minister for Local Government if the Government will make funds available immediately to implement the Local Authorities (Works) Acts.


asked the Minister for Local Government whether the Government intend to make money available forthwith for drainage schemes under the Local Authorities (Works) Acts in order to provide urgently-needed employment in rural areas over the winter period.

With your permission, a Cheann Comhairle, I propose to take Questions Nos. 89 and 90 together.

The reply to both questions is in the negative.

Would the Minister not think it economically desirable to make some moneys available to enable valuable drainage work to be carried out under this Act rather than have people signing on at the employment exchanges for long periods, burdened with the effort of maintaining themselves on the allowances they get under the Social Welfare Acts?

The answer is still in the negative.

Is it proposed to do anything for the large numbers who are paid off annually in Bord na Móna when turf harvesting in the rural areas has been completed?

Why pick on me?

That is a very sympathetic answer to an unemployed turf worker.

Does the Minister agree that if moneys were made available for the implementation of the Local Authorities (Works) Act immediate relief could be given from flooding in areas in which there were unprecedented floods recently?

The Minister has stated that his Department is in touch with other Departments and other Departments are in touch with him. Surely with all that co-operation and with so many ears to the ground, the Minister now realises that one of the best ways, as Deputy O'Donnell has pointed out, of relieving flood damage and compensating farmers for their losses is by implementing the provisions of the Local Authorities (Works) Act in rural areas?

I know nothing of the sort.

Would the Minister say what happened to the scheme he said would be introduced by the Board of Works in relation to Local Authorities (Works) Act schemes when he spoke on a motion in this House? That motion asked for grants under the Act to be reintroduced. What happened to the scheme the Minister told us about then?

It is still going.

It is not going.

That was December, 1960.

Would the Minister say whether this Act, or some other Act, is being utilised to deal with the flooding of the Shannon at Limerick?

Which Act?

Is it the Local Authorities (Works) Act or some other Act? Which Act?

Carry out drainage schemes in winter time? Is that what the Deputy wants?

Could I get an answer to my question? The Minister has said no money is available under the Local Authorities (Works) Act to provide for rural unemployment in wintertime. I understand there has been a decision to spend money on drainage work to remedy the position in Limerick where the Shannon burst its banks. Is that money being expended under the Local Authorities (Works) Act? Under what Act is it being expended? I understand it has received the sanction of the Minister's Department.

I am afraid the Deputy is misinformed in regard to what sanction may have been obtained from my Department.

Then so is the Limerick Corporation.

Is the money being expended under the Local Authorities (Works) Act so?