Pensions (Increase) Bill, 1962: First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to provide for the increase of certain pensions payable in respect of public service.
—(Minister for Finance).

When will the Minister circulate it?

Soon after Christmas.

It is a Bill giving the increases under the Budget.

Embracing what classes?

Increases given to public servants of all kinds.

That is, since August last?

Can it be paid now by the local authorities? The Minister made a statement on this a week ago and perhaps now he can state whether or not it can in fact be put into effect. The Minister for Local Government said that after the Bill had been introduced, it would be possible for it to be paid. Can it be put into operation now?

The Minister knows more about it than I do.

The local authorities will not have an opportunity of passing it before Christmas.

These are accountancy questions which nobody here can answer.

The Minister for Defence and the Minister for Finance agreed that certain pensions could be paid to certain people before the legislation was brought in.

They are being paid.

Now when another Bill, is introduced, relating to another group who are also deserving of increased pensions, nobody is sure whether they can be paid.

They will be paid as soon as it is legally possible to pay them, and that is not quite clear. There is no question about the law in the other cases.

This is one case where they happen to be people like road-workers.

They will get the pension increase from the same date.

But they will have to wait for it for a long time.

Not necessarily.

Second Stage ordered for Tuesday, 22nd January, 1963.