Committee on Finance. - Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) Bill, 1962—Financial Resolution.

I move :—

That it is expedient to make provision for the charging by the Minister for Transport and Power of fees in respect of air navigation services provided by that Minister under any Act of the present session to enable effect to be given to the International Convention relating to Co-operation for the Safety of Air Navigation signed at Brussels on the 13th day of December, 1960, and to provide for matters (including payments and charges) relating to that Convention and for those and other purposes to amend and extend the Air Navigation and Transport Acts, 1936 to 1961.

On the last occasion, I raised a question in relation to chartered planes coming in and going out of Dublin Airport during certain times and the Minister was good enough to send me a note afterwards in relation to his inquiries. With the assistance of that note, I was able to go back to the firm that had discussed the matter with me. I have ascertained, as sometimes happens, I was told only half the story. It is a fact that charter planes cannot leave Collinstown during the period I mentioned, but that is not because of Collinstown restriction but because of restriction at the airport at which they would land. Consequently, they cannot come here during that period because the charter party would be liable to a heavy demurrage in relation to the length of time the plane was kept here after it had been duly loaded.

The position is most unsatisfactory in relation to our firms who want to export, particularly to Paris, and I would urge the Minister very strongly to take the matter up with the French authorities. It is not a question, as I thought on the last occasion, of being dealt with at Collinstown. It could not be dealt with there. It is a question of ensuring that there will be facilities for charter planes carrying cargo to land at Orly at a time that would leave it convenient for them to come here, load and get away again. The present situation is that the time at which they can land at Orly is so inconvenient that they could not come here, load and take off again.

I shall certainly inquire into it.

Question put and agreed to.
Resolution reported and agreed to.