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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 18 Jul 1963

Vol. 204 No. 9

Committee on Finance. - Companies Bill, 1962—Recommittal.

I move:

That the Companies Bill, 1962, be recommitted to the former Special Committee on the Bill in respect of the amendments of which notice has been given;

That the first meeting of the Committee be held on Wednesday, 24th July, 1963; and

That, on completion of the consideration of the Bill in the Special Committee, the Report of the Committee be laid upon the Table, and the Report and Proceedings of the Committee and the Bill embodying such amendments as may be made thereunto by the Committee be printed.

Perhaps the Minister would indicate, for the benefit of the members of the Committee, what sessions he proposes for Wednesday?

I propose that the Committee will meet at 11 o'clock in relation to the Registration of Business Names Bill. It is the same Committee. As soon as that Bill is finished, we will proceed to the Companies Bill business, adjourn at one o'clock and meet again between half past two and three until half past four in the afternoon.

Question put and agreed to.