Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Mayo Water and Sewerage Schemes.


asked the Minister for Local Government when it is proposed to carry out the necessary extensions to Achill regional water supply scheme, County Mayo.

Contract documents for stages 2 and 3 of the Achill Island regional water supply scheme, together with preliminary proposals for stage 4 of the scheme, are at present under examination in my Department. I am not in a position to say when a decision in the matter is likely to issue.

Is the Minister aware that this reply has been given to me time and time again when I tabled this question? Can the Minister not be more specific? Is it because there is no money in the kitty?

There is money.

You are making a darned good job of holding on to it.

Where is it?

The greater portion of it has been allocated. It is not an unlimited amount of money, but it is a considerable amount of money. It is doing a considerable amount of good in the country as a whole. This particular scheme is not in fact listed by Mayo County Council in its scheme of priorities.

Is it not true that the Minister is in communication with Mayo County Council frequently telling them to play some sort of delaying action so that he will be able to give this type of answer to me every time I ask this question?

I give this answer regularly. There are a great many more schemes prepared than it is possible to finance at one particular time. In fact, a great deal more work is designed than the industry would be capable of executing at the same time.


asked the Minister for Local Government when it is proposed to extend the Foxford, County Mayo, water supply to the adjoining townland of Rinnanny.

Mayo County Council's preliminary proposals for the extension of the Foxford water supply to Rinnanny have recently been approved by me and I understand that the council are now preparing contract documents for the scheme.

Can the Minister state when this work will be undertaken?

It cannot be undertaken until contract documents are prepared.

Does the Minister appreciate that at present people have to go a mile or two for water?

Contract documents are not prepared by the Department of Local Government but by the local authority. Schemes cannot be carried out until these documents are available.

When they are available, will you give the money?

The local authority are aware of the position.


asked the Minister for Local Government when it is proposed to provide proper sewerage facilities for the tenants of Kilbride cottages, Swinford, County Mayo.

There are no proposals before my Department for a scheme to provide sewerage facilities for these cottages. I have however recently sanctioned proposals for the provision of a water supply to the cottages.

Does the Minister appreciate that these people have been waiting for this facility for the past 30 years?

The question of the provision of sewerage facilities is a matter for the local authority. The local authority have not got any proposals to provide sewerage facilities to these cottages.

Is this not a case where it is being passed from Billy to Jack, throwing the blame on to somebody else?

No, but apparently the local authority have not considered the question of providing sewerage facilities here. Since that is the position, there is nothing my Department can do in the matter.


asked the Minister for Local Government when it is proposed to start work on the proposed sewerage scheme at Newport, County Mayo.


asked the Minister for Local Government when tenders for the proposed new sewer at Newport, County Mayo, will be sought.

I propose, with your permission, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle, to take Questions Nos. 12 and 13 together.

There has been no change in the position regarding this scheme since my reply to a question on the 24th May last when I indicated that revised contract documents for the scheme were under consideration by Mayo County Council.

This is not a hurling match, Sir. Deputy Calleary and I are entitled to answers to our questions without any rush. Does the Minister not realise that this is an area which can be developed for tourism and that it needs special attention?

The position is still as I said, that these revised contract documents are still under consideration by the county council. I am not a member of the county council.

No, but your Party now have a majority on the county council.


In that case, it might be possible now to get some action in respect of some of these matters.

We will see what happens when it comes up to the Department.