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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 20 Mar 1969

Vol. 239 No. 5

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Calved Heifer Grants.


asked the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries why a person (name supplied) has been refused grants under the scheme of grants for calved heifers.

The applicant has not been refused a grant under the scheme. In fact he has already been paid two grants.

He has recently acquired additional land and has since then applied for further grants. In accordance with the objective of the scheme regard must be had to the number of cows previously carried on the additional land. This would increase the applicant's basic herd by one cow. The applicant has refused to accept this position and it is not possible therefore to proceed with the application.

The Minister states that the individual in question got an addition of land. He made application for subsidy for two cows but, because he had got a small addition of land, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries say he is entitled only to subsidy for one cow. The individual in question——

Has the Deputy a question to put to the Minister?

Then put it, please.

Assuming that every individual who got some amount of land from that estate was told that each additional piece of land was the equivalent of one cow, therefore, in actual fact, about 20 cows were attributed to this estate?

This is becoming a saga.

The Deputy is making a speech. He has not asked a question since he stood up.

I have. I have asked the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries the basic herd on the estate.

The amount of land in question was approximately 40 acres. In 1964, which was the datum year for the purposes of this particular scheme, there were then accredited to this 40 acres four cows. The applicant about whom the question was asked was granted 11½ acres. Therefore, onefourth of the cow herd established in 1964 was carried with that land. Therefore, his basic herd, as of now, has been increased by one cow. Hence, the problem the Deputy has outlined has arisen. There is nothing that can be done about it nor, in justice, that is required to be done about it.

It is true that he got 11½ acres.

Has the Deputy a further question to put?

This is an important matter. He gave up about five acres of land and he got 6½ extra acres.

Someone sitting behind me here has suggested that that five acres is in respect of a calf.

Did you cut its throat?