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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 29 Apr 1969

Vol. 240 No. 1

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dissolution of Dublin City Council.


asked the Minister for Local Government if in view of the failure of Dublin City Council to strike an adequate rate resulting in its dissolution and in consequence in the deprivation of the citizens of Dublin of public representation in the affairs of the city, he will arrange the setting up of citizens advisory bureaux for the benefit of the people of Dublin.

The establishment of such bureaux would be a matter for the local authority. I will, however, arrange to have brought to the notice of the Commissioner for Dublin Corporation the motion in this matter, sponsored by the Deputy, which was adopted by the city council at their meeting of the 4th September, 1967.

Does the Minister agree that any Deputy in this city who is not already conducting a citizens advice bureau is not doing his job?

I am aware that Deputy Dunne has recently started this type of activity.

If the Minister describes the best part of 20 years as "recent", the best of luck to him.

Twenty weeks is more like it.

My bulletin is being printed all the time and I pay for it.

I did not get any Christmas card this year.

You voted Fianna Fáil.

It is because Deputy Dunne deserted the people who elected him.

It is out of the kindness of my heart.

If Dunne cannot do it, it cannot be done.

You will see after the next election. Have it today and you will see.

Will Deputy Dunne cease interrupting?

I am being imposed on. Surely the Chair has some obligation to protect me from the hooliganism to which I am being subjected?


asked the Minister for Local Government the provisions affecting the dissolution of Dublin City Council; for what period the Council will stand dissolved; what are the provisions affecting the reconstitution of the Council; and when it is envisaged that it will be so reconstituted.

The members of Dublin City Council were removed from office by Order under section 44 of the Local Government Act, 1941, as amended by section 64 of the Local Government Act, 1946. The removal is effective until a new election is held under section 45 of the 1941 Act, as amended. This section requires me to fix a date for a new election which, under existing law, must be within the period of five years after the removal from office or after an additional year if a local election would, save for the removal from office of the members, be ordinarily held within a year after the expiration of the five-year period. No decision has been taken on the date of the new election.

(Cavan): If the Minister has the information will he tell us when the next local elections are due?

Five years from 1967 —June, 1972.

The Minister did not stay long in the corporation. Neither did the Minister for Finance. They did not give much service to the corporation. They got out of it like a flash when they found there was no money in it.

Will Deputy Dunne cease interrupting?

Look at my replacement, Deputy Dowling. Look at all the work he has done.

The Minister should not make a personal attack on his colleague.

Is the cost of Deputy Dunne's gimmick to fall on the backs of the city ratepayers? Are the tenants of Ballyfermot to pay for it by way of rents and rates?

That is the unfortunate consequence of Deputy Dunne's irresponsible action.

How much will fall on the ratepayers because of the referendum of Deputy Dowling and the Minister which crucified the people to the tune of £1 million?

Can the Minister carry out an examination to see how much Deputy Dunne's gimmick will cost the city ratepayers?

He should have the Deputy examined. How much will the Minister pay this commissioner?

Put down a question.

I will put down many questions. I am only starting.

The active members of the corporation put down questions before the Deputy.


asked the Minister for Local Government the cost of the legal advice which was obtained recently for Dublin City Council in relation to the constitutionality of the Ministerial order to strike a rate for the city of Dublin; and if the ratepayers will have to pay this sum.

I understand from the local authority that they have not yet been furnished with an account for the cost involved. The cost will fall on the Dublin City ratepayers.