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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 21 May 1969

Vol. 240 No. 10

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Art Teacher Qualifications.


asked the Minister for Education if he will state precisely what qualifications will be required for registration as teachers of art in (a) primary schools and (b) post-primary schools in the coming school year.

Specialist teachers of art are generally not employed in primary schools. Art teaching is included in the curriculum of the teacher training colleges.

The qualifications required of art teachers in post-primary schools are prescribed by the Secondary Teachers Registration Council and Memos V.7 and V.31 of the Department and the details will be circulated with the Official Report.

Following are the details:—


The qualifications in Art which are required for registration as a secondary teacher are those which have been submitted to and accepted by the Secondary Teachers Registration Council and are as follows:—

1. The Art Teachers' Certificate of the Department of Education.

2. The Diploma of the National College of Art, provided the applicant for registration has obtained a success in the Department's special examination in the Principles of Teaching Art.

3. Teacher's Certificate (Art and Light Craft) from Stranmillis College, Belfast.

4. Art Teacher's Diploma (Northern Ireland).

Individual applications in relation to certain qualifications obtained abroad have also been submitted to the Registration Council and accepted on their merits.

Memorandum V. 31


As from the 1st September, 1968, persons seeking to qualify as teachers of Art under schemes of vocational education will require either the qualifications at A or that at B hereunder, together with an Céard-Teastas Gaeilge in either case.


(i) The Diploma of a recognised College of Art;

(ii) satisfactory evidence of qualifications in two crafts as set out at B (iii);

(iii) satisfactory evidence of study in the History and Techniques of Art and Crafts as set out at B (iv);

(iv) a pass (60%) in the Department's examination in the Principles of Teaching Art—see C.


The Art Teacher's Certificate which will be awarded to persons who have secured the following qualifications:

(i) passes in all subjects of the Intermediate Stage of the Department's Examination in Art; (particulars in Memorandum V. 26 of the Department);

(ii) first class successes (70%) in all subjects of one of the following groups of the Advanced Stage of the Department's Examination in Art:

Group I.

Drawing from Life

Painting from Life

Pictorial Design

Design for Craftwork

Group II.

Drawing from Life

Modelling from Life

Modelling Design

Design for Craftwork

(iii) passes (60%) in executed specimens of two crafts other than those selected in the Intermediate or Advanced Stage examinations; it is suggested that crafts be chosen from the following list: Book-binding, Embroidery, Handloom Weaving, Leatherwork, Wood-Engraving and Lino-cutting, Rush-work and Basketwork, Pottery, Lettering and Illuminating, Etching, Lithography, Woodcarving, Stained-glass, Art metalwork, Fabric Printing; (see D);

(iv) satisfactory evidence of study in the History and Techniques of Art and Crafts; this should be presented in the form of a notebook showing the extent of the candidate's general knowledge of design and a sketch book filled with studies from observations (see D);

(v) a pass (60%) in the Department's examination in the Principles of Teaching Art (see C).


The Department's examination in the Principles of Teaching Art will be held in June and will be confined to candidates (1) who have secured in full the qualifications at (i), (ii) and (iii) in section A, or at (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) in section B, and (2) have completed an approved course in the Principles of Teaching Art. Applications for entry to the examination, accompanied by an admission fee of 30s must reach the Department's offices not later than the 30th April each year. No admission fee will be refunded except in the event of the examination not being held, or of a candidate not being eligible for examination.


Submission of Finished Craftwork and Evidence of Study

(a) Finished specimens of craftwork and evidence of study will be examined in June/July each year and must be received in the National College of Art, Kildare Street, Dublin 2, not later than the 15th June;

(b) Forms and labels to be used for the submission of works may be obtained after the 1st April upon application to the Department of Education, Talbot Street, Dublin 1;

(c) The official label must be affixed to each work submitted;

(d) Specimens should be within limits of size and weight that permit easy handling. They should be packed securely to ensure safety;

(e) An invoice, stating the number of packages and the contents of each, must be sent separately to the Department;

(f) All reasonable care will be taken of specimens while in the custody of the Department but the Department does not hold itself responsible for any loss or damage to specimens.


Honours Certificate:

The Art Teacher's Honours Certificate will be awarded to candidates who hold the Art Teacher's Certificate and have secured 1st Class successes (70%) in the two remaining subjects of the Group (I or II) not selected already under B (ii).