Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Higher Education Authority Report.


asked the Minister for Education if he proposes to publish the report of the Higher Education Authority on the proposed University merger in Dublin; and, if so, when.

The report of the Higher Education Authority in relation to the reorganisation of university education has not as yet been presented to me. A decision with regard to the publication of the report will be taken after the report has been presented and its contents and recommendations have been considered by the Government.

Would the Minister not agree that the university merger, so-called, is the longest running serial in the country apart from "The Riordans", and could he give us any information at all when the last episode will see the light of day?

Or even the next episode?

I agree it has taken a considerable time, but the Deputy is aware that it is a very important matter and it is a very contentious matter. Deputy Thornley should know this as well as I do. As soon as I get the report I will consider it.


asked the Minister for Education when the Government intend to implement the recommendation of the Commission on Higher Education for the integration of the higher education and research services including agriculture, home economics, veterinary and dairy sciences.

These are among the matters which are being considered by the HEA as part of its examination of the reorganisation of university education. I have not yet received the authority's report on the reorganisation.

Grave dissatisfaction has been expressed.

The Deputy cannot make a speech on each occasion he stands up. He must ask a question.

Deputies are so frustrated with getting the same reply to the same proposition week after week from the Minister over the past two and a half years that one should attach a dispensary to this House. The Minister can surely give us some better indication of governmental policy rather than the kind of blasé reply that is being given to us at the moment.

I think I am the most forthcoming Minister in the place because I give all the information anybody asks for. I am not only willing to answer questions but I am willing to answer on occasions ten or 12 supplementaries.

This is the day for jokes.