Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers. - Garda Patrol Cars.


asked the Minister for Justice the present estimated running costs of a Garda patrol car (a) per hour and (b) per mile.

The figures sought by the Deputy depend on several variables such as the type of car, depreciation, driver costs, costs of repairs, spare parts etc. Simple averages could only mislead unless accompanied by extensive explanatory material. I do not consider that the value of such a document would be commensurate with the work involved in producing it.

Would the Minister agree that if one takes a price of, say, 10p per mile, which would be very low, as the cost of running one of those cars and if two of them have to escort a scab lorry from the Border to Kilkenny and back again, the total cost would be very high?

As I said in the reply, it would be impossible to estimate what the cost would be because there are so many factors to be taken into account and because there are so many different types of cars.

It would be at least £100.