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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 23 May 1972

Vol. 261 No. 1

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Valuation Appeal.


asked the Minister for Finance why the notice of appeal against a revised valuation was not accepted on behalf of a person (name supplied) in County Limerick.

I am informed that the rating authority did not accept the purporting notice of appeal referred to as complying with the statutory condition that it must be duly signed by the person aggrieved or by his known agent.

Would the Parliamentary Secretary define "known agent"?

What I would like to say here is that public representatives are not accepted generally by the commissioners as known agents.

I cannot accept that a public representative is not a known agent. The people are responsible for electing public representatives. Surely, then, public representatives are known agents. Therefore, the answer given is stupid. I want to refer the Parliamentary Secretary——

The Deputy may not refer the Parliamentary Secretary to anything. He may put a question, if he wishes.

The Deputy is asking the Parliamentary Secretary to define also what is a valuer as recognised in the sense in which that word is used in connection with the revision of rateable valuation. A valuer is accepted as a known agent. Therefore, will the Parliamentary Secretary say what is a valuer and what is a professional representative as defined in the context of rateable valuations?

If any person other that a professional representative were accepted as a known agent, there would be a danger that in the event of the appeal decision resulting in a disadvantage to the person allegedly appealing, that person would be in a position to repudiate the action of his alleged agent and the valuation would be seen to have been altered without authority.

Will the Parliamentary Secretary define what is a valuer and what is a professional representative?

I do not think there is any statutory description of a valuer.

But the description is accepted. There is no such person in this country as a qualified valuer. There are auctioneers who add the word "valuer" for good measure. Is not a Member of this House a professional representative?

A professional representative is one who is engaged professionally in a trade or profession.

I cannot accept that a Member of this House is not a professional representative.

He is not paid as a valuer.

I am asking for a definition of "professional representative".

Generally, public representatives are not recognised as the agents of the applicants in matters of valuation.

What is a professional representative?

A person earning his living from his particular profession.

What are we all doing here?

I am calling Question No. 23.

In view of the unsatisfactory nature of the reply I propose, with the permission of the Ceann Comhairle, to raise the matter on the Adjournment.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.

I would just like to say regarding the rating authorities that, if an appeal reaches them in the wrong form, the person concerned is notified very quickly.

That was not done in the particular case I have in mind and I would not be accepted as a valuer or professional representative.