Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Postal Services.


asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he is aware that Lismire village, Newmarket, County Cork, has neither a sub-post office nor a telephone kiosk; and if he will sanction a sub-post office in respect of that area.

I am so aware. The very limited amount of post office business arising in the Lismire area would not warrant the establishment of a sub-post office there. Under existing policy telephone kiosks are not being provided at places such as Lismire where there is no post office.

If the local council acted as guarantors under the 1902 Act would the Minister agree to erect a kiosk there? This matter was discussed before.

Yes, I would be prepared to do that.


asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs when normal post office services were withdrawn from the residents of the Ballygall/ Finglas East area, Dublin; and when they are likely to be restored.

Ballygall Road East sub-post office has been temporarily closed since 29th August, 1973, for all business except the payment of social welfare benefits. The office is opened specially on Fridays and on the first Tuesday of each month for this purpose.

Applications have been invited for a new sub-postmaster appointment for the locality. I should add that there are three other sub-post offices within about a half-mile of Ballygall Road East.

Would the Minister accept that this was an unusually long period during which normal postal services were denied to the residents of that area? This was since last August.

Yes, I think it was perhaps rather longer than usual. The vacancy was advertised on the 11th March. I understand there are three applicants and these will be processed quickly.

Would the Minister say why it took from last August until the 11th of March to advertise the vacancy?

The secretary of the Labour Party did not reply.

Order, please.

I am afraid I do not know the reason for the delay but I shall endeavour to ascertain it and inform the Deputy.

I am afraid the Minister is failing me as a representative of that area by not having got the information when it was brought to his notice that a sub-post office was closed since last August.

The Deputy is developing an argument.

Would the Minister accept from me, as a person familiar with the area, that when he says other facilities are available within a half mile, it is not in accordance with the actual distance?

I am prepared to look into the matter further. I have not surveyed the terrain myself. The information I have from my Department is as I have stated it in connection with this. If that information is incorrect, with the help of the Deputy I will have it corrected.

Question No. 24.

In what fashion will the Minister communicate with me? Will it be in this House or by post?

By letter. Will that suffice.

Yes, thank you.


asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he will provide better postal facilities for residents of Aranmore Island, County Donegal, by providing letter boxes at Pullawaddy and Leabgarrow.

The number of letters posted in the Pullawaddy area would not warrant the provision of a letter-box there. The nearest letter-box is only about one mile away at Arranmore Island sub-post office. This sub-post office is located in the townland of Leabgarrow and the provision of further posting facilities in that townland would not be warranted.