Local Elections (Petitions and Disqualifications) Act, 1974 (Section 25) (Amendment) Order, 1976: Motion.

I move:

That Dáil Éireann approves the following Order in draft:

Local Elections (Petitions and Disqualifications) Act, 1974 (Section 25) (Amendment) Order, 1976,

a copy of which Order in draft has been laid before the House.

No objections? That is extraordinary.

Question put and agreed to.

We run for cover when the Minister smiles.

And the Deputy has good reason to run for cover.

Hold a judicial tribunal into it.

Now, now, do not lose your temper; you got away with it once——

I did not get away with anything.

So near, so far.

The Deputy will be before the House before very long.

Be thankful for what you got away with.

I should like to draw attention to the comment made by the Deputy. He was referring to the judicial tribunal, I assume, which investigated the complaint against Deputies Molloy and Crinion. I should like Deputy Collins now, if he knows something which did not come out at that tribunal, to let it be known to this House or if not for ever remain silent.

I was not at all referring to the report of the tribunal about which the Minister is getting so hot and bothered. I was referring to the fact that he got away with some political jokes a few moments ago. Perhaps the Minister is hypersensitive about something or other.

Since the persons about whom the complaint was made are members of his party, I was not at all surprised.

The Minister can get away with a certain amount.

Fianna Fáil are the very people who should not talk about anything.

The Christmas recess did not do them a lot of good.