Written Answers. - Dublin Disability Benefit.


asked the Minister for Social Welfare why the claim for disability benefit of a person (name supplied) in Dublin in respect of a period of six months from June, 1974, has not been allowed.

Regulations made under the Social Welfare Acts provide that a claimant to disability benefit must give notice of illness within seven days of falling ill or be disqualified for receiving the benefit in respect of any period more than seven days before the date on which notice of incapacity is given. Where good cause is shown for delay in giving notice of illness this period of seven days may be extended but in no circumstance can payment of benefit be made in respect of any period more than six months before the date of the actual giving of notice.

In December, 1975, notice of illness covering from July to September, 1974, was received in my Department from the person referred to by the Deputy. As notice of illness was given outside the statutory six months' limit it was not possible to allow payment on the claim.