Worker Participation (State Enterprises) Bill, 1976: First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to enable the employees of certain State enterprises to participate in the making of decisions by the enterprise, for those purposes to provide for the appointment of employees of such enterprises as members or directors thereof, to provide for the election of such employees for such appointment, to repeal certain enactments relating to certain of the said enterprises and to provide for other matters connected with the matters aforesaid.
(—Minister for Labour.)

When is it proposed to take the next Stage?

After the recess. It is hoped to circulate the Bill during the recess.

At what stage of the recess does the Minister anticipate it will be circulated, early or late?

I think during the recess.

Early or late in the recess?

What is the point of the Deputy's question?

In order to give us time to study it, if it is to be taken the day after the recess.

Ample time will be given for study.

Would the Minister say whether it is a major publicity stunt of his—typical of what he might do—to have this Bill issued today just before we break for the summer recess?

Does the Minister know what is in the Bill?

The Deputy should not ask silly questions.

Order. Second Stage immediately after the recess?

At what stage of drafting, may we ask, is the Bill now in?

The Bill has been completed.

Yet the Minister is not able to indicate when it will be circulated.

The Minister wants to look further——

May I ask a simple question? If the Bill has been drafted could the Minister not now indicate when it will be circulated?

I have explained that it will be circulated during the recess. I have told the Deputy that ample time will be given to the Opposition for study of the terms of the Bill.

Most people probably look to going on holidays in August. If the Bill is now ready there is possibly a month before many people will embark on the initial stage of their holidays. It would be helpful to this party if we might get sight of this Bill during the month of July. Is it possible to give that information?

I have indicated already that the Bill will be circulated during the recess and ample time will be given to the Opposition to study its provisions. Even giving them the longest holidays in the world, they will have sufficient time to study the provisions of the Bill.

Is the Bill drafted?

Almost ready.

It is almost ready now. It was ready a few minutes ago.

Second Stage ordered for the first sitting day after the summer recess.