Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Cork Athletic Track.


asked the Minister for Education if his Department will provide finance to establish an up-to-date athletic track in Cork, as such an amenity is badly needed in the area.

There is no proposal for the provision of such a track under consideration in my Department at present.

Would the Parliamentary Secretary be prepared to consider such a proposal on the same lines as the tartan track that was provided in Dublin?

If a track is to be provided in Cork I am not happy that it should be provided in exactly the same fashion as was done in Dublin. I would want to provide it where it would cater for the majority of people, not necessarily those attending university.

May I take it from the Parliamentary Secretary's reply that he is not happy with the administration of the track in Dublin?

That does not arise on this question. Personally I should have preferred if the track in question were located somewhere on the perimeter of the city where it would have been available to thousands of young people who would have used it.

Is the Parliamentary Secretary saying that the track is not being fully utilised? If that is the case, what steps is he taking to see that it will be fully utilised?

We are getting away from the original question.

No, it is based on the Parliamentary Secretary's assertion.

It is acting as a reminder. That is about the only relation to the question.

The Parliamentary Secretary's reply was based on the assertion that the track in Dublin was not being used to his satisfaction. I want to know why this is so and what steps he is taking to ensure that the track is used to his satisfaction.

The Deputy's interpretation of what I said is not correct. I am sure I do not have to tell the Deputy that the tartan track in Dublin is not located in Cork, the area to which the question refers.

I am calling Question No. 16.

With respect, I did not introduce the tartan track in Dublin. The Parliamentary Secretary has based his unwillingness to consider the proposal for Cork on the same financial basis as the track in Dublin on the fact that the track in Dublin is not being used satisfactorily. I am asking him if he has taken any measures to ensure that the tartan track is more satisfactorily used.

That is a totally separate matter. I am calling Question No. 16.