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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 7 Feb 1979

Vol. 311 No. 4

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: Nos. 7, 8, 9 (resumed), 10 and 3. It is proposed to interrupt business at 3.30 p.m to take No. 3 and, when completed, to resume the order. By agreement, business will not be interrupted tonight to take Private Member's Business.

Has the Taoiseach considered making representations to the Government of Pakistan for clemency in the case of the former Prime Minister, Mr. Bhutto?

I can tell the Deputy that after the sentence had been imposed originally, and during the course of the hearing of the appeal, representations were made through ordinary diplomatic channels. As the Deputy is aware, the Minister for Foreign Affairs was in Brussels yesterday. I have arranged to discuss the matter with him this morning. I consider it appropriate that we should do what the Deputy has suggested.

Have the Government made any decision as to when they will give Government time to discuss the removal of the food subsidy?

No, but time will be given.

Has the Taoiseach any idea when?

We have the budget today and we have a lot of legislation which is urgent, as the Deputy is aware.

Surely the Taoiseach was aware we would have the budget today and what he referred to as a lot of legislation when he gave the undertaking to the House last week?

I was perfectly aware of it but I did not know when we would have dealt with the legislation. Yesterday we had a Bill which we had hoped to get through yesterday but we did not, in deference to a request by the Opposition. I cannot say in advance how long the legislation will take.

Will the Government give time in the near future to discuss the removal of the food subsidies?

I have said I will give time. The time will be a matter for me and I will not delay it unduly.

When is it proposed to take No. 23, The Film Industry Bill?

I cannot say at the moment. If the Deputy had given me some notice I would have been able to tell him.

Will it be all right if I ask again tomorrow?