Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: Nos. 5, 6, 7 (resumed), 8 (resumed), 9 and 10. Private Members' Business, 7 to 8.30 p.m., will be item No. 18 (resumed).

Could I ask the Taoiseach when we will have the benefit of the Cabinet's reaction to the NESC report which suggested that there will be an extra 14,000 out of work between the two Aprils?

This does not arise on the Order of Business.

It is reported in the press—

This matter is at present being debated in this House.

We are waiting the Cabinet's reaction——

The basis of the question asked by the Deputy is being debated in the House.

Some two weeks ago I asked the Taoiseach on the Order of Business when this report would be published and what was the position of the report. Does he not regard it as extraordinary that this appeared in the media at this stage——

The Deputy is aware that we cannot discuss such matters——


When will the Government react to this report?

Like Deputies, I was at a loss to hear the reports on the media yesterday because this report has not come to Government.

When will the Government consider it?

Would the Taoiseach clarify that statement? Has it been presented to the appropriate Minister?

It has. The Deputy knows the procedure: NESC submit their report, it goes to various Government Departments who make their observations and then it comes to Government.

It has not formally come to Government?

When do the Government propose giving their reaction to it?

When it is published.

We cannot have a discussion on this.

On the Order of Business, and before we read another report in the papers, can the Taoiseach say when the August and September reports of the National Prices Commission will be published?

This has nothing to do with the Order of Business. Deputy Mitchell.

I am entitled to ask the Taoiseach about this very important matter.

On a point of order, it has been long established practice that this type of question is appropriate on the Order of Business. Since I came into this House no Ceann Comhairle has objected to this type of question being asked and answered on the Order of Business.

There is no problem about putting down a question on the Order Paper relating to these matters.

There is no problem about asking an appropriate question on the Order of Business.

Deputy Mitchell.

I would be very anxious to assist Deputies in these matters but it is only fair that I should have some notice if matters of substance are to be raised on the Order of Business.

As I said, it has been long established practice which was engaged in most enthusiastically by Fianna Fáil when they were in Opposition——

That does not make it in order.


I want to give notice that on the Order of Business tomorrow I will ask the Taoiseach if he will give time for a debate in this House on the two breaches by the Government of the national understanding, namely, the failure to issue a White Paper on education——

The Deputy may not make a statement.

——and the fact that the unemployment figures are 35,000 more than——

The Deputy cannot make a statement. I am calling item No. 5.

I am giving notice that I will be raising these matters tomorrow and will be looking for time to debate them.