Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Department of Defence Building Programme.


asked the Minister for Defence if there will be a reduction in his Department's building programme as evidenced by the reducation in the provision for the purchase of land etc., from £197,000 in 1979 to £116,000 in 1980 and to £8,500 in 1981; the reason for the provision of only £3,000,000 in subhead S (2) for other new works in this year's Estimates in view of, the fact that £5,442,425 was provided last year and £4,892,650 in 1979; and the reason for the reduction in view of the condition of Army buildings.

Most of the building works arranged by my Department are carried out on land which is already the property of the State.

The net provision in subhead S of the Department's Estimate for 1981 is greater than the net provision in that subhead in 1980 or 1979. The provision in subhead S (2) for 1981 is a net figure whereas the figures in subhead S(2) for 1979 and 1980, as quoted by the Deputy, were gross figures.

With the inclusion of the Women's Corps within the Army how does the Minister hope or propose to provide the necessary accommodation if there is a drastic reduction in the subhead?

The plans to meet this problem——

The Minister should not tell me it is under active consideration.

We have to examine these things.

With what degree of intensity?

Could I get some information as to where the Minister proposes to provide the accommodation necessary for the Women's Corps? Could I get a brief answer? This has been examined for three years.

Wherever the women are stationed.

The remaining questions will appear on tomorrow's Order Paper.

I have granted permission to Deputy Keating and Deputy O'Keeffe to ask a Private Notice Question.