Written Answers. - Employment Regulations Court Case.


asked the Minister for Labour if his Department took court proceedings against a firm (details supplied) in County Meath in regard to the payment of a minimum rate of wages under an employment regulation order; if so, the nature of the claim made by his Department; the decision of the court; and the specific provision of the Industrial Relations Acts involved in the case.

On the 11 July 1980, proceedings under section 45 (1) of the Industrial Relations Act, 1946, were instituted by the Minister for Labour against the firm in question for failure to pay a number of agricultural workers the statutory minimum remuneration provided for in the Agricultural Employment Regulation Order made on 20 September 1978.

The Minister also applied for an order under section 45 (2) of the Act for payment of arrears of wages to the four workers concerned. The summonses were dismissed on the grounds that the enterprise was not agriculture.