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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 15 Jul 1982

Vol. 337 No. 11

Written Answers. - Social Welfare Benefits.


Mr. Byrne

asked the Minister for Social Welfare when a free telephone rental allowance will be provided for a person (details supplied) in Bannow, County Wexford.

The person concerned stated in his application for the allowance that he is residing with his daughter who is not an incapacitated person. It was not possible, therefore, to authorise the allowance as all the conditions of the scheme were not satisfied.

However, as a result of information which has since been furnished the application is currently being reviewed and the applicant will be notified of the outcome when the inquiries are completed.


asked the Minister for Social Welfare if his Department will grant a free electricity allowance to a person (details supplied) in County Leitrim.

An application for free electricity allowance from the person concerned was approved on 21 May 1982. The ESB were instructed to apply the allowance to his account from the June/July 1982 billing period and he was notified accordingly.


asked the Minister for Social Welfare when a person (details supplied) in County Monaghan will receive an old age pension.

The claim of the person concerned for a non-contributory old age pension has been investigated by the social welfare officer and referred to the local pension committee for decision. Payment of a pension at the maximum rate with effect from 31 March 1982, plus an allowance for the claimant's wife and one qualified child, has been recommended.

The appropriate pension order books, containing orders payable from 16 July 1982, have been issued on a provisional basis pending the pension committee's decision on the claim and the arrears due from 31 March 1982 are in course of issue.