Written Answers . - Adoption Board Remuneration and Expenses .


asked the Minister for Health the annual remuneration paid to each member of the Adoption Board; the expenses, if any, that are payable to each member of the board; and the increases in remuneration and expenses that have been made during the course of the last ten years.

: The present chairman of the Adoption Board, who is a district justice released from her duties as district justice, receives the salary of a district justice. The chairman was first appointed on 1 February 1975.

The deputy chairman, when acting as chairman, is paid such remuneration as may be determined by the appropriate Minister, with the consent of the Minister for Finance. The rate obtaining as at 29 January 1983 was £40 a day. The term of office of the former board expired on that date. The Minister for Health appointed a new board for the period from 30 January 1983 to 29 January 1988 and, with the agreement of the Government, introduced a provision for the payment of a fee of £750 a year to each ordinary member of the board. No appointment to the office of deputy chairman of the new board has yet been made.

The members of the board are paid travelling expenses and subsistence allowances at the Class A rates approved from time to time for higher civil servants. Where, however, these subsistence allowances prove inadequate in any case there is special provision, as an alternative, for the payment of the vouched cost of hotel room plus vouched reasonable expenditure on meals.