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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 1 Feb 1984

Vol. 347 No. 7

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Agricultural Statistics.


asked the Taoiseach the total acreage under (i) barley; (ii) wheat; (iii) grassland; (iv) other cereals; (v) Fire brigade and ambulance services are also affected. My policy is to try to phase them out as quickly as possible while we are phasing in the legislation. We have admonished the pirate stations and pleaded with them but often our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and this interference with emergency services keeps occurring. If this continues I may have to take very firm action against the pirate stations.

Is the Minister aware that RTE are blocking the FM signal from Radio Nova? If so, does he approve of the action of RTE in the light of the delay in bringing legislation before the House? Has the Minister appointed outside consultants to advise him in relation to local radio? If so, will he name those consultants in the House?

Those are separate questions. They have nothing to do with the Question on the Order Paper.

In relation to the Deputy's statement that RTE are interfering with Radio Nova, I understand that during tests being made by RTE some interference may have occurred. I understand, however, that this is not taking place at present.

I have been given to understand that it is not taking place at the moment.

Would the Minister approve of RTE's blocking FM signals?

I would not think it would be appropriate action for RTE to take.

Would the Minister convey that to RTE?

They are well aware of my views. On the second part of the Deputy's question, consultants have not been appointed.

The remaining questions will appear on tomorrow's Order Paper.

I appreciate that I have to accept the Chair's ruling on my Private Notice Question regarding the placing of B & I orders in Merseyside shipyards at the cost of the Cork economy, putting further jobs in jeopardy there. While accepting that this is ultimately a decision for the board of the company, I would ask the Minister to intercede with B & I to postpone action on the two ships which are allegedly to depart in the near future for the Merseyside yard. This would give an opportunity to everybody to discuss the possibilities.

I heard the Minister inform the Deputy that he would receive him in his office if he wished.

That was in relation to something else.

I know, but the Deputy cannot pursue this topic. He stands up to tell me that he accepts my ruling and then ignores it. Item No. 10.

This is pretty hard to take when jobs are in jeopardy. Would you recommend to the Minister that he should receive me?

I will receive the Deputy.

If Deputy Gene Fitzgerald would devote elsewhere some of the enormous energy he is using in the House to raise the matter about which he is concerned, he might succeed in having Standing Orders amended to suit him.

That is not fair. I resent that. I am not a member of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges but the Chair is chairman of that committee. We talk about Dáil reform. It is high time, with the Cork economy falling apart, that we were able to bring up items of urgent importance.

The Deputy will resume his seat.

I will, but under protest because of the inadequacy of the system available for raising such issues.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the question of the B & I ships being sent out of the country.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the question of the reduction of dental care services to the people of Ballymun as a result of Government cutbacks.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.