Order of Business.

It is proposed to take business in the following order: Nos. 7 (all Stages), 8 (all Stages), 9 (all Stages) and 10. By agreement it is also proposed that, notwithstanding the resolution made on 15 December 1982, the sitting shall be suspended from 1.30 p.m. to 3 p.m. and business shall be interrupted accordingly. Questions shall be taken from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Private Members' Business will be No. 18.

I am grateful for the co-operation received from the Ceann Comhairle and the Opposition parties in allowing the change in business today in order to facilitate attendance by staff and Members of the Oireachtas at the interdenominational service of peace and reconciliation in Saint Anne's Church, Dawson Street at 2 p.m., organised by the women TDs and Senators of both Houses of the Oireachtas.

Are the arrangements for suspension of the House and for Questions agreed?

Yes. On this side of the House we were very glad to fall in with the arrangements whereby Members will be enabled to attend the special service that is being held today. It is our wish that as many Deputies as possible would attend at this service. I should like it to be clear from the Order of Business before us that the Opposition as usual in their constructive way are facilitating the Government in the passing of a number of items of legislation at very short notice. We are doing our best to make good the inadequacies and inefficiencies of this Government in their legislative programme.

I am grateful to the Deputy for the first part of his remarks but I am not in total accord with the last sentence.

Will the Taoiseach state if it is his intention in the legislative programme to be brought before the House in the next term to have a Bill introduced in relation to joint ownership of the family home? In view of the recent Supreme Court decision this is now urgently needed.

As far as I know, that does not arise on the Order of Business. I say "as far as I know". Perhaps it has been promised and if that is so it is in order.

This legislation has been promised on numerous occasions by the Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach.

If that is so, what the Deputy is raising is in order.

I cannot give the Deputy a date for the introduction of legislation dealing with that subject.

On the Order of Business, will the Minister for Industry, Trade, Commerce and Tourism make a statement on the crisis at Mitel International Ltd., Shannon? Three hundred jobs are at risk and 130 people will be made redundant in the next few days——

It is not in order to raise that matter in this way and at this time.

This is a very important high technology industry——

The Chair does not quarrel with that statement but I must point out that it is not in order to raise the matter in this way at this time.

In view of the importance of this industry, I wish to give notice of my intention to raise the matter on the Adjournment.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.

I wish to give notice of my intention to raise on the Adjournment the imminent closure of a Galway firm, Information Sources, with the loss of 107 jobs, mainly university graduates.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.

I appreciate the Taoiseach cannot give me a precise date with regard to introduction of legislation to which I referred but I wish to know if I can get a commitment from him that the Government will introduce the legislation with due speed.

Work is in progress on legislation dealing with that problem. I am sorry I cannot give the Deputy an indication at this stage as to the date.

In the Taoiseach's absence last week I raised a question regarding the Funds of Suitors Bill and I was informed it would be introduced next term. In view of the urgency of this matter, will the Taoiseach try to ensure that the Bill will be introduced as soon as possible in the next term?

With the permission of the Chair, I wish to raise on the Adjournment the subject matter of Question No. 408 of 3 April relating to the appointment of a paediatrician at Portlaoise General Hospital.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.

Will the Taoiseach state if time will be made available in the House to discuss the Green Paper on the needs of the disabled?

I suggest to the Deputy that he might get in touch with the Whips.

I wish to ask the Minister for Labour if he will intervene in the worsening dispute at Quinnsworth where sanction has now been given for an all-out picket by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions?

It is not in order to raise the matter in this way.

I should like permission to raise on the Adjournment the recent pollution of the River Liffey in County Kildare with the resultant fish kills and the possible danger to the domestic water supply.

The Chair will communicate with the Deputy.