Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - National Manpower Service.


asked the Minister for Labour the procedure whereby people are sent for interview by the National Manpower Service to fill job vacancies; whether they may be informed by telephone of such interviews and vacancies or if they must attend the offices of the National Manpower Service to be so informed; and if such vacancies must be shown on boards in the offices of the National Manpower Service.

Vacancies notified to the National Manpower Service are matched against the register of job-seekers maintained by the service and suitable persons are submitted for interview. Job seekers on the register are usually contacted by letter or phone when a suitable vacancy is notified and are generally referred direct to the employer without having to call to the Manpower office.

Vacancies are also displayed on notice boards in Manpower Service offices in the Dublin area. Vacancies are displayed at the discretion of local management or where the employer has requested that they be so displayed. If a vacancy is displayed in a Manpower Service office, then both persons on the Manpower Service register and personal callers to the office may be submitted for consideration by the employer.

Vacancies are displayed in all Manpower Service offices in the Dublin area, with the exception of Ballyfermot. The Manpower Service is planning to extend the provision of "self service" facilities to Ballyfermot.

Would the Minister agree that, when the NMS recommend a person or persons for placement and the employer or employers select one or more, it should be incumbent on such employers to provide the NMS with details of the placements? Would he bring in legislation to that effect?

I do not think legislation is the right way to handle it. It is a problem in some areas and I agree that a feedback is necessary in order to improve the efficiency of the service.