Ceisteanna—Questions Oral Answers - Ministerial Shareholdings.


asked the Taoiseach the number of companies other than those coming within the ambit of the Joint Committee on Commercial State-sponsored Bodies in which he has a minority shareholding.

The Taoiseach holds 30 "D" ordinary shares of £1.00 each in the National Theatre Society Ltd. (Abbey Theatre).

Did the Minister give a percentage?

The total shareholding is £3,050.

Is that the total shareholding of the company?

Do the Department of the Taoiseach hold those shares?

No, the Department hold 30 ordinary shares.

Which committee of the House does this investment by the State come under, if any? It does not come under the Joint Committee on Commercial State-sponsored Bodies. I should like to know if any committee deals with that investment.

I have a list of the companies that come under the Joint Committee on Commercial State-sponsored Bodies and it is not included.

I am aware of that but does the investment come under any committee of the House?

I am not aware of any committee that it comes under. The funding comes from the Arts Council.

Will the Minister agree that all State investment in companies should come under some Joint Committee of the House?

That is a matter for consideration.

Will the Minister consider that?

I do not see any particular advantage in the suggestion but if the Joint Committee would like to have a look at the investment I will consider their submission.

I am tempted to make some remark about the crowd of actors on the Government side but I will refrain from doing so.