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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 4 Nov 1987

Vol. 374 No. 10

Control of Clinical Trials Bill, 1986: Financial Resolution.

I move:

That, for the purpose of any Act of the present session to provide for control over the administration of one or more substances or preparations to persons for the purpose of ascertaining the effects (including kinetic effects) of the administration of such substances or preparations on those persons where such administration may have a pharmacological or harmful effect, to provide for ethics communities in relation to the foregoing and to provide for other matters connected with the matters aforesaid, it is expedient to make provision for the charging by the Minister for Health—

(a) of fees (being such fees as he may specify with the consent of the Minister for Finance) payable in respect of notifications or applications made, or

(b) of such charges (being such charges as he may specify as aforesaid) as he considers appropriate in relation to any matter connected with a notification or an application made or a permission granted,

under any Act of the present session to provide as aforesaid.

This motion provides for the charging under the Control of Clinical Trials Bill when it becomes law by the Minister of Health of fees and other charges in respect of notifications or applications made under the Act.

We are supporting this motion. One of the amendments which I have tabled which refers to the possibility of setting up an indemnity fund was ruled out of order on the grounds that it would put a charge on the Exchequer. Has the Minister given any thought to the possibility of taking powers under this motion to set up an indemnity fund similar to the one which operates in the United Kingdom which would allow research which may be under threat as a result of this Bill to continue?

This motion merely allows the Minister for Health with the consent of the Minister for Finance to lay down charges in certain cases. It would not be sufficient just to create an indemnity fund which Deputy Flaherty referred to but perhaps when we come to the relevant section we could deal with that matter in more detail.

Question put and agreed to.