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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 19 May 1988

Vol. 380 No. 9

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 7 and 16. It is also proposed that the following arrangements shall apply for the debate on No. 7: (a) the speeches of the Taoiseach and the main spokespersons for each of the parties in Opposition shall not exceed 30 minutes; (b) the final Government speaker shall be called on not later than 4.45 p.m.; (c) the speech of each other Member called on in the course of the debate shall not exceed 20 minutes; and (d) the proceedings thereon shall be brought to a conclusion, if not previously concluded, at 5 p.m. Are the proposals for dealing with No. 7 agreed? Agreed.

Does the Taoiseach intend to make a statement in the House on the agreement apparently reached on the non-operation of recent measures in relation to angling licences? I congratulate the Taoiseach on having finally had the good sense to accept the advice of this party which called on him on 1 March last to enter into discussions with the interests concerned and which last week called for a mediator.

It was no problem for a bishop.

This is not a matter for the Order of Business.

An agreement has been reached under which effect will not be given to this legislation and, in view of the controversy on this matter, the House has a right to hear the specific provisions of the agreement.

Before the Taoiseach replies, I should like to ask him why today's Order of Business does not include a Bill giving the Government authority to suspend the operation of an Act passed by this House less than a year ago because, without such authority, any undertaking by the Government to suspend the Act's operation is quite illegal.

We cannot debate this matter now; it must be raised in some other fashion.

Although this legislation has been passed by the House, the Government have apparently reached agreement with interested parties——

I am calling Deputy Des O'Malley.

I wish to raise that matter on the Adjournment.

The statements made by Deputy Dukes are not correct. All legislation passed by this House will be implemented by the Government.

In view of what the Taoiseach has said, are we to take it that the reports on the radio and in the newspapers this morning were not correct because they were to the effect that the legislation will not be enforced?

I have no responsibility for any statements made on the radio, or anywhere else, about this matter. The position is, as I have stated, that all legislation passed by this House stands and will be implemented.

The matter is not properly before us now.

I wish to raise the matter on the Adjournment.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

There is a Bill on the Order Paper today — No. 6 — which has the effect to which Deputy Kelly referred. In the circumstances——

The Order of Business has been agreed for today.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the Inspector of Mental Hospitals' report which was published this morning in The Cork Examiner in relation to Our Lady's Hospital, Cork, and the need for a major financial allocation to that hospital.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the imminent closure of St. Mary's Geriatric Hospital, Drogheda.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

The Opposition asked that today be given over to debating the Cecchini report and we have given way to that request. It is a very important matter and we should get on to it.

I am calling on the Taoiseach to move No. 7.

Last week I was promised——

I have called on the Taoiseach to move the motion and the Chair will not be obstructed in this fashion.