Written Answers. - Kowloon Bridge Incident.


asked the Minister for the Environment if he has satisfied himself regarding the local environmental conditions and the oil pollution conditions which exist in the vicinity of theKowloon Bridge; whether there is a prospect of a full recovery of the miles of coastline which were covered in thick black oil as a result of that disaster; if his attention has been drawn to the questions which have been raised in an article (details supplied); whether suggestions in that article that the Kowloon Bridge was carrying uranium have any foundation; whether his Department has received information suggesting that yellow cake uranium was on board the ship; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

I am satisfied that there is no evidence whatsoever of any oil from theKowloon Bridge remaining on the beaches in the vicinity of the wreck and that the temporary damage to the environment which occurred as a result of the incident has long since been rectified. As regards suggestions that the vessel was carrying uranium the position is that such reports, which were investigated as far back as February, 1987, were unfounded as were claims that quantities of TBT paint were on board.