Written Answers. - Accountable Management Systems.


asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs if a Management Advisory Committee and a system of accountable management on the lines envisaged in the 1985 White Paper on the Public Service Serving the Public Better are now in operation in his Department; and, if not, whether he has any plans to introduce such a system.

A management advisory committee have been in operation in the Department of Foreign Affairs for many years. It meets regularly to deal with the Department's business, including the allocation of financial and personnel resources.

Since its publication in 1985 steps have been taken to ensure that the recommendations of the White Paper on the Public Service are implemented throughout the Department. All expenditure by the Department is budgeted and is the responsibility of individual managers who report to the MAC. Financial reporting mechanisms have been developed and continue to be refined as need arises. The management system is considered to be operating satisfactorily at present and is kept under review.