Order of Business (Resumed).

In view of the fact that we still have not got a copy of this important Social Welfare Bill and in view of the fact that I happen to be my party's spokesman on Social Welfare can the Taoiseach indicate when we might have a copy of this legislation so that we will know exactly what is going to happen?

It is in the post. It was circulated yesterday.

It is not in the post. None of my colleagues got a copy of it. I did not get a copy and I am the spokesman on Social Welfare.

I can understand why there is a problem in relation to the post. Emergency legislation being brought before this House should promptly be sent to all the Members of this House, particularly those who do not live and work directly out of Leinster House. With thousands of other citizens, Members' post is being delayed because of an ongoing dispute in An Post.

The Deputy is raising another matter——

I am clarifying the situation.

——which must be dealt with in another way.

May I ask the Taoiseach and the people responsible for the Order of Business if they can ensure that the situation in An Post will be improved so that we and everybody else in this country can do their business? The two problems are related.

I asked a relevant question — why Members of the House had not received a copy of legislation all Stages of which have to be put through within the next two days?

The Bill was circulated yesterday and copies of it, I am quite certain, are available in the General Office.

Let us not have an argument about this matter now.

In order to be of some assistance to the procedures of this House, would the Taoiseach not agree that it is absurd to be asked, as Members of the House, to agree to a timescale for discussion on a Bill which many of us have not yet received or seen, and which has very serious implications for many families and individuals in this country? Is it not treating the House with contempt?

Please, Deputy Higgins.

The Bill is not on the order for today. I am sure if the Deputy strolls down the corridor, turns right into the General Office, the courteous clerks there will provide him with a fully adequate printed copy.

On a point of order, I am delighted the Taoiseach has explained the geography of the House to me, but that does not answer my question. The fact is that my colleague, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, made the point that what has been communicated to our party is a revised schedule for time and discussion over a number of serious pieces of legislation. As serious parliamentarians——

These are matters which might be deliberated upon by the Whips.

——we are entitled to say that the time allotted is not adequate.

I would like to ask the Taoiseach some questions in relation to the Child Care Bill. The Taoiseach has given us to understand that it will be dealt with during the current session. Can he clarify that it will be dealt with as urgently as the current draft of bills are being dealt with this week and that it will be dealt with next week in the House?

The intention is to take it next week.

I wish to raise on the Adjournment the issue of the chaos that is reigning in the Dublin library services. This is well illustrated by the fact that for the first time the Coolock library will have to close for the entire month of June. In view of the disastrous impact that would have on community services——

I dissuade the Deputy from making a speech.

I seek permission to raise the issue on the Adjournment as a matter of urgency.

I will communicate with the Deputy.

May I seek your permission to raise on the Adjournment the recent statements by the Minister for the Environment with regard to the future of the Sherrif Street community?

I will be in touch with the Deputy concerning that matter. May I ask Deputy O'Malley and perhaps some representatives from the Progressive Democrats how the motion stands in respect of Private Members' Business? May I have a motion that the Second Stage be taken in Private Members' time?

May I ask the Taoiseach or the Minister for Health if it is intended to introduce amending legislation to dissolve the health committees which have statutory bodies set up under the Health Acts but have not been recognised?

I think the Deputy will have to find another way and another time to raise that matter.

Last week and the week before I sought to raise on the Adjournment the issue of the dispute at Unidare.

I will be in touch with the Deputy concerning the matter.