Written Answers. - Deportations from US.


asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs the number of undocumented Irish citizens who have been deported from the United States in the years (a) 1986, (b) 1987, (c) 1988 and (d) up to 30 June 1989.

United States statistics do not make a distinction between undocumented and in-status Irish deportees.

The majority of out-of-status Irish citizens who come to the notice of the authorities accept the option of voluntary departure from the US and are not the subject of deportation orders.

According to official United States statistical sources the numbers of Irish citizens deported from the US in the years in question are as follows, (fiscal year 1 October-30 September) 1986, 12; 1987, 15; 1988, 12; 1989 (up to 31 March), 7.

The voluntary departure figures for the same years are as follows: 1986, 45; 1987, 25; 1988, 39; 1989 (up to 31 March), 21.