Written Answers. - Grant Payments.

Patrick D. Harte


133 Mr. Harte asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the number of applications received from County Donegal under the farm development grants scheme; the number of grants to be paid; and the total amount outstanding.

The total number of applications received to date in my Department for grant aid under current farm development schemes in County Donegal is 7,603.

At present there are 221 cases where the work has been certified as completed but in respect of which payment has not been made; these are now being processed for payment and it is expected that payment will be made inside the next few weeks. The amount involved is £0.6 million.

Frank Crowley


134 Mr. Crowley asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the average payment made to farmers in County Cork under (1) the cattle headage scheme and (2) the sheep headage scheme.

The average payment to herdowners in County Cork under the 1989 cattle headage scheme in £779 and under the 1989 sheep headage scheme is £729.

Tom Enright


135 Mr. Enright asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food if he will expedite payment of a farm installation aid grant to a person (details supplied) in County Offaly; and when payment will be made.

John O'Leary


137 Mr. O'Leary asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food the reason a person (details supplied) in County Kerry was not paid for three weanlings which were removed from the herd by his Department, in view of the fact that these animals did not have TB; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Reactor grants amounting to £940 have been paid to the person named in respect of four TB reactors, including three weanlings, removed for slaughter. Income supplement amounting to £420 will also be paid to the herdowner as soon as possible.

Factory prices for reactors are a matter between the herdowner and the factory management. Generally speaking, animals which kill out at less than 60 kg have no commercial value. This is taken into account in fixing the level of reactor grant for such animals.

Liam Aylward


138 Mr. Aylward asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food if he will arrange payment of a suckler cow grant due since 1988 to a person (details supplied) in County Kilkenny.

The late husband of the person named was the applicant for grants under the 1988 suckler cow premium scheme and he was deemed ineligible under that scheme as he was engaged in commercial milk production.

The person named was deemed ineligible for grants under the 1989 suckler cow premium scheme for the same reason. These conditions are laid down by the European Community which applied at the time of application and I have no discretion in the matter.