Written Answers. - Garda Promotions.

Jim O'Keeffe


149 Mr. J. O'Keeffe asked the Minister for Justice if he will outline, further to his reply to Parliamentary Questions Nos. 37 and 48 of 22 October 1991, whether the three members of the Garda Síochána promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner on 22 January 1988 were selected for promotion either (a) by means of a competition conducted by an interview board or (b) by a group consisting of the Commissioner and such of the Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners as were able to be present at a meeting specially convened for the purpose as required by the Garda Síochána (Promotion) Regulations, 1987; and in the former case if he will give the names of the members of the interview board or in the latter event the date of the specially convened meeting.

The available records indicate that the members of the force promoted on the date in question were selected for recommendation for promotion following formal consultation by the Garda Commissioner with the serving officers of Assistant and Deputy Commissioner rank in accordance with the regulations referred to by the Deputy. These records do not indicate the date on which that meeting took place and all those who were in the ranks of Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner at the relevant times have since retired from the force.