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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 18 May 1993

Vol. 430 No. 8

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Item No. 1.

Private Members' Business shall be No. 14, motions No. 9.

In view of the great public concern about the findings in regard to the Kilkenny incest case and the fact that an announcement by the Minister for Health was made outside the House, will the Taoiseach say whether he will be providing time for a debate on this subject in this House at an early date in view of the possibility that a Supplementary Estimate for the Department of Health may be required in order to implement some of its findings?

I will be glad to have the House debate this issue. Perhaps the Whips will get together with a view to arranging a suitable time.

Will the Taoiseach indicate when he intends to move the writs for the two by-elections given that there is an obvious dearth of legislation to be dealt with by this House at present — and the Taoiseach's concern that we should not interrupt the work of the House — which would present him with an ideal opportunity to hold these two by-elections?

I consider the work on the Finance Bill — as well as that on other Bills — to be very important. After the Deputy's own unsuccessful attempt I think he should leave it to others at this stage.

Arising from his response to Deputy John Bruton, does the Taoiseach consider it would have been more appropriate for the Kilkenny incest inquiry report, just published, to have been made available to this House today rather than to a media circus in the Shelbourne Hotel?

That is not a matter for debate at this time.

Last week the Government refused to accept the Fine Gael Private Members' Bill, the Refugee Protection Bill, 1993. In view of that and the fact that legislation was promised, or a commitment to some kind of action was given in this House, can the Taoiseach say whether his Government will respond positively to the request for approximately 20 relatives of existing Bosnian refugees to be allowed into this country? The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs is probably not up to date with this issue at present——

I might know a lot more about it than Deputy Owen; a silly remark.

However, when he does come up to date with it, perhaps he would give a commitment to allowing these relatives enter this country, including, apparently, a 16-year old girl who has not been given the right to join her family here?

The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs is becoming something of a political refugee himself.

I think all those political refugees are over there now.

I wanted to ask the Taoiseach whether it is the case that Davy Stockbrokers were in charge of the sale of the Minister for Finance's anorak, whether he can tell the House the places and whether any of the places are connected with Davy's, whether it is true that they refused to wear this garment and that the dreaded article is now back in the possession of the Minister?

Is there any cover-up?


(Limerick East): Does the Taoiseach recall, when Mr. Bernie Cahill was appointed executive chairman of Aer Lingus, that a commitment was given in the House that he would report back to the relevant Department within three weeks? Will the Taoiseach say whether that report has been made and when the Dáil will be informed?

That is a matter for a separate question which, if the Deputy tables it, I will be glad to answer.

The Government indicated it has plans to raise the minimum legal age for marriage to 18 as part of its joint programme. When does the Taoiseach expect this legislation will be introduced?

Is this promised legislation?

It is at a very early stage of preparation. I would not put a timescale on it at this point.

In view of concern in relation to motor insurance costs for young drivers, I deplore the cancelling of a question tabled today to the Minister for Enterprise and Employment in which I specifically asked what proposals——

Deputy, Question Time is over.

It appears we cannot ask questions any longer even though such a matter relates directly to the Minister's own ministerial group.

The Chair decides.

In the light of recent reports that a settlement is being concluded with Nicky Kelly and others will the Taoiseach state when the criminal procedures Bill, dealing with the Martin report on miscarriages of justice, will be circulated?

The scheme is being prepared in relation to the matter raised by Deputy Gilmore.

On a point of order is the Taoiseach talking about legislation or a scheme——

——a scheme for the legislation.

Is the Taoiseach talking about legislation, a scheme of legislation?