Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 11, 12 and 2.

I wish to raise two matters. Will the Government give favourable consideration to the recent SIPTU proposals for TEAM Aer Lingus in an effort to break the deadlock and alleviate the threat not only to TEAM Aer Lingus but to the company?

The House will accept that the Chair has done its best to ensure that this matter was discussed in detail in the House in recent days and it is not in order to raise the matter at this time.

This is a new and welcome development.

It is a new development and the Government should respond.

As the proposals put forward by SIPTU are a new development in this very sensitive area, the Government should proceed in a manner which would guarantee that every effort is made to save the jobs at TEAM Aer Lingus and guarantee protection to the company.

I have heard the Deputy. He will appreciate the role of the Chair at this time.

The Minister will continue to make every effort to preserve and save the jobs at TEAM Aer Lingus.

He could welcome the new development.

As the House will not be resuming until Tuesday afternoon, will the Minister for Social Welfare indicate to the House whether the Minister will actively take up the proposal made by SIPTU which would be a useful way for the Government to get itself off the hook it has created for itself? It is more important that we save jobs than the face of the Government.

I cannot permit the matter to be debated now or to enter into the area of Question Time.

I thank the Minister for his words of encouragement that every effort will be made in respect of the TEAM proposal and I hope a gesture in that regard will be forthcoming from the Government this morning.

We have agreed to discuss certain matters in the House next week. The information available to my party is that the beef tribunal report may be published within the next two weeks. Will Dáil Éireann have an opportunity to discuss the report?


The Deputy is obviously in possession of information I do not have. The Taoiseach said that as soon as the report is published it will be discussed fully.

Does he mean as soon as it is published?


When the Taoiseach referred to the publication of the report he said the House would have ample opportunity to discuss it, but he did not say when we would have that opportunity. If it is published before the end of the month, will the Dáil have an opportunity to discuss it immediately?

This could be the Minister's big chance; he could get the job permanently if he says yes.

The Taoiseach said the report will be fully discussed and that remains the position.

Is the Minister's passport in order?

Neither the Taoiseach nor I can anticipate when the report will be published, nor would the Taoiseach wish to put any pressure on the Judiciary at this stage.

Were all parties notified that the Dáil was sitting this morning?


Does the Deputy remember what happened last Friday?