Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 30.

Before proceeding to the Order of Business I am obliged to deal with a request under Standing Order 30 from Deputy Geoghegan-Quinn. I call on the Deputy to state the matter of which she has given notice.

I wish to seek the adjournment of the Dáil under Standing Order 30 to discuss the urgent matter of the discovery of a document in the files of the Blood Transfusion Service Board which shows that the State agency knew since 1976-77 that plasma had been used from a female donor clinically diagnosed as suffering from infective hepatitis, why that information was not made known to the expert group which investigated the Blood Transfusion Service Board and what the Minister for Health proposes to do following this revelation which undermines the Government's compensation tribunal where cases are currently being heard.

Having considered the matter fully I do not consider it to be one contemplated by the Standing Order. Therefore, I cannot grant leave to move the motion.

I seek your guidance, Sir, to ensure that the Minister for Health, unlike his attitude yesterday, accepts a Private Notice Question to discuss the matter today.

I support Deputy Geoghegan-Quinn.

Limerick East): Many of the remarks made by the Deputy in moving the motion are simply not true.

The Minister should come into the House later and say that.

Miss Harney rose.

Before Deputy Harney proceeds, especially if she intends to advert to this matter — I do not know precisely what she intends to say — I must inform the House that this is an ongoing matter. It is seized by the courts at present and the preliminary hearing of the case will take place next month. That is the position.

This is an extraordinary revelation and the Minister should use this opportunity to clarify——

I am sorry, Deputy, I am proceeding to the Order of Business.

It is an extraordinary revelation.

It is a matter of public interest.

(Limerick East): I do not like people codding women.