Written Answers. - REP Scheme.

Séamus Hughes


615 Mr. Hughes asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry if he will have arrangements made for farmers grazing commonage for years who do not have fee simple titles to have the acreage included for REP scheme purposes as is the case with the headage and subsidy schemes. [16240/96]

Under the revised agri environmental specifications which came into effect on 15 May 1996 unregistered land may be included in a REPS plan provided the applicant has available for inspection by an authorised person any of the following documents:

—a stamped Deed of Assignment or

—Land Commission Purchase Agreement or

—Grant of Probate including Deed of Assignment.

Arrangements have also been made to accommodate farmers who have grazing rights on commonage and who wish to have these areas included for REPS payment. In such cases the following supporting documentation is required

—details as submitted with Area Aid application under premia schemes and

—a sworn affidavit stating the number(s) of folios and the hectarage/acreage of grazing rights entitlement together with a signed map (to include all claimants) outlining the boundaries of same.
In the absence of the documentation outlined such lands may not be considered for inclusion in a REPS plan.