Other Questions. - Schools Building Project.

James Leonard


6 Mr. Leonard asked the Minister for Education if she will ensure that funding is available in 1997 to alleviate the urgent need for accommodation in Urbleshanny national school, County Monaghan. [1427/97]

At present Urbleshanny is one of a number of priority projects I am considering for funding in the 1997 building programme in the context of this year's budget and I will make a decision in the matter soon. I already stated that I regard Urbleshanny national school as a priority school.

Urbleshanny national school was not included in the list of 17 schools mentioned earlier where the planning process has been completed. Is the Minister aware that over a number of years the school has depended on poor quality prefabs? The Department had a proposal to extend the school which would have been ridiculous because it lay in a hollow and was close to the road. The chairman and committee purchased an expensive site and produced proposals for a new school. They had a good committee and the contributions were provided. I ask the Minister to recognise the work of the committee when she is making her decision because it would be an injustice not to include the school on the list of 17 schools mentioned earlier.

I noted the Deputy's comments. The plans for Urbleshanny include six new classrooms, ancillary accommodation——

The Minister should tell the Deputy that she will give him the money. He is a Fianna Fáil Deputy but she should tell him anyway.

The Minister without interruption.

——a new building to be linked to the existing facility and the refurbishment of the existing classrooms to remove prefabricated classrooms. The delegation told me the name Urbleshanny translates to "the tail of the fox".

The fox's tail.

The Deputy also attended the meeting.

It is a wily fox.

They may be expecting the tail to wag but I met the delegation and I am aware of their needs. The plans exist.

When will the Minister give the allocation?

I have noted the comments of all the Deputies.

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