Written Answers. - IRL-Dublin: Consultancy Services (Open to non-EU bidders)

Negotiated procedure
1.Awarding authority.Name: Minister for Public Enterprise and Minister for Finance.
Correspondence Address: 44 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.
Telephone: +353 1 6707444
Fax: +353 1 6041188
2.Category of service and description, CPC reference number.Category No. 6, 11, 21
Financial Services, Banking and Investment Services and Legal Services in connection with a flotation of shares.
Telecommunications Management Consultancy services and related services CPC Ref. No. 81, 812, 814, 861, 865, 866.
Advice and assistance to the Ministers for Public Enterprise and Finance, as shareholders, concerning all aspects of the preparations, procedures and implementation in relation to arranging and executing a flotation of shares owned by the State in Telecom Éireann, the majority State-owned Irish telecommunications company, and any other matters arising in that regard.
It is intended that the service provider(s) to be appointed will,inter alia, fulfil the roles of integrated financial advisers(s) and distributor(s) with accompanying legal advisers who will act as counsel to the Ministers, whether domestically, internationally or both.
3.Place of delivery.Ireland - Dublin
4.(a)Indication of whether the execution of the service is reserved by law, regulation or administrative provision to a particular profession.No
(b)Not applicable
(c)Indication of whether legal persons should indicate the names and professional qualifications of the staff to be responsible for the execution of the service.Yes
5.Indication of whether the service provider can tender for a part of the services concerned.Financial/distribution advisers may respond in respect of all or part of the service. (See 9 below.)
6.Envisaged number or range of service providers which will be invited to tender.Five to ten approximately.
7.Where applicable, non-acceptance of variants.Variants will be considered in the course of negotiations.
8.Duration of contract, or time limit for completion.Approximately 24 months. Exact duration and timing to be negotiated.
9.Where applicable, the legal form to be assumed by the grouping of service providers winning the contract.It is not a requirement in responding to this Notice that financial/distribution groupings or consortia be formed in advance to provide the services identified at 2 above. The Departments reserve the right to form the composition of any grouping. It is a requirement that where more than one service provider is selected, they shall act together in delivering the services.
10.(a)Not applicable
(b)Final date for the receipt of requests to participate.12 noon (local time) on 25 June, 1998.
(c)Address to which they must be sent.Department of Public Enterprise,
44 Kildare Street,
Dublin 2.
For the attention of Mr. Paddy Campbell.
To be marked externally "Telecommunications Financial Consultancy".
(d)Language(s) in which they must be drawn up.English
11.Where applicable, any deposits and guarantees required.None required.
12.Information concerning the service provider's own position, and the information and formalities necessary for an appraisal of the minimum economic and technical standards required of him.Potential service providers should supply the following information:
•nature of your business, including domestic retail distribution network, domestic and international institutional distribution networks and other distribution networks;
•suitability for this contract, including details of experience of contracts of similar type and scale carried out by you;
•knowledge of the telecommunications sector, including research coverage;
•experience of Irish companies and Irish Stock Market;
•preliminary views on capital structure, dividend policy and methodology of valuation;
•aftermarket performance of most successful transactions by you;
•outline of organisational approach to the task;
•assessment of prospective market demand from retail/institutional, domestic/international investors and perspective on offer size;
•names, qualifications, curricula vitae and special competencies of staff to be assigned to this contract;
•a list of any current assignments which you are undertaking in any area of telecommunications;
•a clear statement on the subject of any potential conflict of interest;
•detailed proposals for fees/commissions and expenses;
13.Where applicable, the names and addresses of service providers already selected by the contracting authority.No other service providers have been selected in connection with this contract.
14.Other information.(a)Responses to this Notice should not exceed 30 A4 pages. Support material may be annexed, up to 15 A4 pages. All material must be submitted in 15 copies.
(b)All communications in connection with the contract must be in the English languae. Non-EU service providers may be asked to tender. This notice does not represent a commitment to enter into any contract.
(c)The Departments undertake to hold confidential, any information provided by potential service providers in response to this notice subject to the Departments' obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), which came into force on 21 April 1998.
Potential service providers are asked to consider if any of the information supplied by them in response to this notice should not be disclosed because of its sensitivity. If this is the case, potential service providers should, when providing the information, identify same and specify the reasons for its sensitivity. The Departments will consult with potential service providers about sensitive information before making a decision on any Freedom of Information request received.
If potential service providers consider that none of the information supplied by them is sensitive, they should make a statement to that effect. Such information may be released in response to an FOI request.
(d)service provider(s) successfully contracted to provide advice and assistance in connection with the sale of Cablelink Ltd. are precluded from being awarded this contract.
15.Date of dispatch of the notice.18 May, 1998.
16.Date of receipt of the notice by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.xxxxxxxxx, 1998. (To be inserted by Publications Office of EU)
17.Previous date(s) of publication in the Official Journal of the European Communities.Not applicable.