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Dáil Éireann debate -
Friday, 2 Jul 1999

Vol. 507 No. 5

Joint Committee on European Affairs: Motion.

I move:

(1) That Standing Order 78A of the Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann relative to Public Business be amended in paragraph (4) by the insertion after ‘legislation' of ‘and to consider and report to the Dáil on such proposals for EU legislation as may be referred to it from time to time by any Committee established by the Dáil (whether acting jointly with the Seanad or otherwise) to consider such proposals and upon which has been conferred the power to refer such proposals to another Select Committee'.

(2) That the Orders of Reference of the Select Committee on European Affairs be amended by the substitution of the following paragraph for paragraph (2)(c):

‘(c) The Joint Committee shall have the following powers:

(i) the powers defined in Standing Order 78A(1) to (9) inclusive, and

(ii) the power to refer a proposal for EU legislation which has been considered by it (and which has been concluded to be of sufficient national importance to require further scrutiny) to a Select Committee on which has been conferred the power defined in Standing Order 78A(4) to consider such proposals.'.

(3) That a message be sent to Seanad Éireann acquainting it accordingly.

Question put and agreed to.