Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 31.

I propose to deal with a notice of motion under Standing Order 31 from Deputy Yates. I call on Deputy Yates to state the matter of which he has given notice to me.

I seek the adjournment of the Dáil under Standing Order 31 to debate the urgent matter of the startling admission this morning by the chief executive of Eircom that the company knew that the IPO share price was overvalued by up to 30%, for the Minister for Public Enterprise to confirm that she was aware of this view within the company and when she became aware that KPN and Telia were going to sell the shares after six months from the date of the IPO, and the need for the Government to apologise to the hundreds of thousands of shareholders who are now facing the prospect of considerable losses.

Having considered the matter fully, I do not consider it to be one contemplated by Standing Order 31 and, therefore, I cannot grant leave to move the motion.