An Bille um an gCúigiú Leasú is Fiche ar an mBunreacht (Beatha Dhaonna le linn Toirchis a Chosaint), 2001: Ordú don Tuarascáil. Twenty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution (Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy) Bill, 2001: Order for Report Stage.

This matter has to be adjourned at 7 p.m. I call on the Minister for Health and Children to move that Report Stage be taken now.

Tairgim: "Go dtógfar an Tuarascáil anois."

I move: "That Report Stage be taken now."

Is that agreed?

I wish to move a motion that, having regard to the inability of the Committee on Health and Children—

Deputy, we must get agreement on the first question.

I advised your office that I wish to move a motion for recommittal of the Bill.

That should be moved after we have dealt with this matter. There is a motion before the House that Report Stage be taken now.

A Cheann Comhairle, we cannot agree that Report Stage be taken—

We cannot vote for recommittal when we have not agreed that Report Stage be taken now.

I have advised you that I want to move a motion—

Yes, but the question before the House has to be agreed first. The Deputy is proposing to move an amendment to something that has not been agreed.

On a point of procedure, Sir, are you saying that if we accept the motion moved by the Minister for Health and Children, Deputy McManus can immediately move the motion for recommittal to Committee Stage and a vote can be taken on that point?

Yes, if the Deputies so wish.

Faisnéis go rabhthas tar éis glacadh leis an gceist.

Question put and declared carried.