Written Answers. - EU Treaties.

Gerard Murphy


65 Mr. Murphy asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs the declarations and protocols attaching to each of the EU/EC/EEC treaties. [15020/02]

There are a very large number of declarations and protocols attached to the EU/EC/EEC treaties. The principal treaties are the treaty signed at Paris in 1951 which established the European Coal and Steel Community, the Treaty of Rome which established the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community in 1957, the Single European Act signed at Luxembourg and The Hague in 1986, the Treaty of Maastricht on European Union signed in 1992; and the Treaty of Amsterdam signed in 1997. Copies of the treaties are available in the Oireachtas Library, including copies of the relevant declarations and protocols. If the Deputy seeks more specific information in relation to particular declarations or protocols, I will be happy to provide it to him directly.