Business of Dáil

On a point of order, while I do not wish to discommode the Ceann Comhairle in any way, it was presented as a fait accompli that the resolutions were to be grouped for voting purposes. While one might expect resolutions to be grouped for discussion purposes, it is usual to vote on separate resolutions, in this case a resolution on alcohol and another on tobacco.

There is a precedent.

The subsequent group will also be decided together. My party opposes one resolution but supports another and is being forced to choose which way to vote on a number of resolutions.

The Fianna Fáil Party Whip agreed to the grouping.


Deputies should not get excited about this as it was agreed at the Whips' meeting. The House has 45 minutes to discuss the next group of three resolutions on VRT, VAT and excise, respectively.