Allocation of Time: Motion

I move:

That, notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders, the financial motions by the Minister for Finance shall, for the purpose of debate, be grouped, moved and decided together in accordance with the following schedule and the proceedings thereon, and on any amendments thereto, shall, in the case of each resolution or group, as appropriate, be brought to a conclusion by one question which shall be put from the Chair not later than the times indicated as follows: Resolution No. 1 to conclude after 25 minutes; Resolution No. 2 to conclude after 25 minutes; Resolutions Nos. 3 and 4 to conclude after 40 minutes; Resolution No. 5 to conclude after 15 minutes; Resolution No. 6 to conclude after 55 minutes; and Resolution No. 7 to conclude after 55 minutes.

It has been normal practice in the Chamber that there is a short brief on each of the resolutions. The pressure of time means we have one hour during the suspension of the sitting to look at the Financial Resolutions before us. We have been handed a white page, with some points having only seven or eight words, as a brief on some of the financial statements. It is bad form, as the Government knew well in advance that these were the resolutions to be tabled in the House. We have a deadline to the implement resolutions, which Sinn Féin will facilitate, but it is bad form in terms of the briefing provided to Opposition spokespersons.

On a point of information, the Financial Resolutions have been circulated in great detail.

I am talking about the briefing.

I am talking about the document of Financial Resolutions.

We are not having a debate. That is not a point of order.

I would say the Sinn Féin Whip agreed it less than ten minutes ago.

Question put and agreed to.