Legal Metrology (Measuring Instruments) Bill 2017: Report and Final Stages

Bill reported without amendment and received for final consideration.
Question proposed: "That the Bill do now pass."

I thank the Minister of State for introducing the Bill. I will make only a brief comment as we discussed previously this short and unopposed technical Bill which transposes two sections of a directive to harmonise the laws of European Union member states relating to the making available on the market of measuring instruments. I have become acutely aware of the importance of measurement instruments since the Bill was introduced. The everyday protections they provide range from ensuring tourists are protected by taxi meters when visiting the country to drivers paying for the exact amount of fuel they use when filling their cars to families being able to trust the figure for gas use displayed on their meters.

I commend the members of staff of the Library and Research section on the work they have done on this topic as their work allows Members to become informed on unfamiliar topics such as legal metrology.

I note the deadline for the transposition of the Bill is substantially overdue, although I appreciate the Minister of State was not responsible for this delay. I welcome the Bill and hope it will be passed.

Question put and agreed to.