Standing Orders 23 and 140: Motion

I move:

That, in accordance with the recommendation of the sub-Committee on Dáil Reform under Standing Order 107(1)(a), the Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann relative to Public Business be amended, with effect from 15th October, 2019, as follows:

(a) in Standing Order 23, in paragraph (1), by the deletion of subparagraph (a) and the substitution of the following:

'(a) every Tuesday, not later than 10 p.m.,', and

(b) in Standing Order 140, by the deletion of paragraph (1) and the substitution of the following:

'140. (1) Government business or Private Business, as the case may be, shall be interrupted to take private members’ business for two hours—

(a) on Tuesdays, on the conclusion of Government business, or at 8 p.m., whichever is the earlier,


(b) on Wednesdays, immediately following topical issues under Standing Order 29A: Provided that the Business Committee may, where divisions on Government business are likely to occur, decide that the Government business will be taken at that time and the private members’ business deferred until 8.15 p.m.:

Provided that, where leave has been given to make a motion under Standing Order 34, such motion shall have priority.'."

Question put and agreed to.