Gnó na Dála - Business of Dáil

Before we proceed to Private Members' business, the Chief Whip has an announcement to make regarding the Order of Business.

In accordance with the Business Committee report of yesterday evening, it is proposed, notwithstanding anything in Standing Orders or the order of the Dáil yesterday, that, in regard to today's business, the Dáil shall sit later than 10.15 p.m. and shall adjourn not later than 11 p.m.; No. 24, motion re workers' rights shall be taken immediately following the Topical Issue debate for two hours, following which the Dáil shall be suspended for 20 minutes; and any deferred divisions that would normally be taken this evening will be taken in the weekly division time on 23 September 2020. It is proposed in regard to tomorrow's business that the Dáil shall sit later than 8.03 p.m. and shall adjourn on the conclusion of the debate on the Ban on Rent Increases Bill 2020; the sitting shall be suspended for 20 minutes immediately following the proceedings on No. 6a, motion re restoration of Private Members' Bills; and the Dáil shall be suspended for 20 minutes on the conclusion of statements on climate action, following which a maximum of eight Topical Issue matters shall be taken.

Is the proposal agreed to?

A number of very important votes were to take place this evening. Why is not possible for this voting block to go ahead?

The reason the voting block is not proceeding is that the Standing Orders as set out last week necessitate that it be taken in the convention centre where every Member can be present. There is an ongoing discussion with Deputies and parties on all sides of the House with a view to facilitating more business in Leinster House. However, because today's sitting is in Leinster House, the votes will be deferred until the voting block on Wednesday of next week.

We were able to have votes in this Chamber last week, which proved that we have a system for allowing a vote to go ahead. I cannot see why the workings of this House are being obstructed such that votes are not allowed to proceed. It is only common sense that they should go ahead. We have proved we can do it and I do not see why we cannot do it this week.

The explanation has been given. The Business Committee and the Dáil have agreed the Order of Business. We will move on to Private Members' business.